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Are you looking to start or grow your business with an strong effective online strategy?

We know starting an online business can be an extremely daunting task – without direction and guidance so many people with brilliant ideas, find themselves making little progress bringing them to life.

We are experts in online business startups

Maybe you have an amazing idea but you’re frustrated because you don’t know where to begin or how to make it a reality?

Maybe you are worried about the cost or your competitors?

Maybe you have seen too many poor websites and have read about too many horror stories that you just don’t know who to trust?

Or maybe you are simply too busy.

Well take it from those who have stood in your shoes, there really is no better time to get started than right here and right now.

All you need is a product or service to sell

There is nothing we love more than helping you and other hungry entrepreneurs succeed.

We have the knowledge and skills to take you out of those anxious shadows, give you a flying head start and really develop your business in the best possible way.

We offer all the services you need to dominate your online market.

We will ensure your online launch has the
greatest chance of success

What we offer…


Here at Marc James Studios, we understand how exciting and anxious a start up journey can be! To help make it as comfortable as possible – we designate a project manager responsible for you and your project. You will be provided with their direct email, telephone and Skype contact details and we encourage you to contact them at any time with any queries you have.

We have a depth of expertise in project management and we will guide you through the process making sure that the project runs smoothly on time and as planned. We will also arrange weekly or bi weekly catch-up sessions to let you know how the project is progressing and to answer any questions you may have.

We pride ourselves on our personal care of each and every client. You will very much feel a part of the project.


Are you excited about shaping the identity of your business? With so many options and avenues to explore it can be an overwhelming process.

Our team expert graphic designers have decades of experience and are here to help you. Did you know research has proven that branding colours are 85% of the reason why people decide to buy from one supplier and not another?

With our knowledge and expertise we will design you something you love and (maybe!?) more importantly something that will resonate strongly with your business and target market.


With 48% of people citing a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business and 94% of people citing web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website it is crucial that yours is not only beautifully designed but optimised for your customer to make a purchase, contact you directly or sign up to your mailing list.

Our websites are premium, built for purpose and conversion optimised. User experience and functionality are key to a websites performance – we produce visually stunning sites that flow seamlessly subconsciously leading the visitor to call to action. We do not stop until we have exceeded your expectations.

Each package includes one years domain registration and one years premium hosting with security updates and regular backups therefore you can be rest assured everything is in safe hands.


A business advisor, or business coach, is a valuable resource, 100 percent focused on your success, helping you move from where you are now, to where you want to be.

During the startup cycle, all the small pieces that need putting together can feel overwhelming. An advisor will give guidance and direction and will act as an accountability partner, challenging you to strategise, prioritise and align your efforts towards achieving your goals!

Our third party partners are completely independent. Only impartial and unbiased advice and guidance will be provided. See below for comments from past clients.

  • Richard helped me break free to create my own branded training business both on and offline

  • Richard gave me the confidence to start my health practice and not just spend another 4 years thinking about it!

  • Richard enabled me to think clearly so I could get a better deal and new partnerships for my small business to ease back my time in early retirement


Once we have finished the design and creation of your website we will move into the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) phase. This is extremely important as 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine and without SEO potential customers will struggle to find your services.

SEO is basically the method of improving the ranking position of which your website appears when specific search terms are entered in a search engine, such as google.

We offer two types of SEO services –

One Time Optimisation – This is where we analyse your website and optimise the content to target the best search terms for your market. Basically, we tell Google what your website is all about and who you want to be found by. This will get your website indexed by Google and it will appear in searches for the relevant search terms. Unfortunately we can’t promise you will be on the first page of Google, or even close (depending on how competitive your market is).

If you really want to dominate Googles searches and appear on the first page or higher then additional work is required. Which brings us to our second kind of SEO service…

Ongoing SEO – We use our expertise and endeavour to get you as high on Google as we possibly can. This includes curating new interesting and relevant content, managing and maintaining your social media profiles and building a network of strong, natural links to your site from other websites on an ongoing basis – that is how it works.


If you really want to make an impactful first impression then a sales or explainer video is the way to go. Video really allows you to portray the personality of your brand and explain exactly what it is your business is about in a fun and engaging way.

It’s not all just about having fun though as countless studies have shown that having video on your site builds trust, increases information retention and in some cases increases conversions by as much as 800%.

An animated video project includes a potent explainer/sales video that consists of an original script, voiceover, music and animation.


Online marketing is the most powerful tool available to any business or startup. With traditional marketing methods becoming less effective every day, due to the reduced attention span of your audience (blame mobile phones and social media!) – if you want to maximise your success, you need have a strong online presence.

People begin their search for any product or service on the internet, so the internet is where your business should be.

We want to help you. Our packages guarantee that you fulfil your online potential and give you best chance of success and growth.

Your Logo and Branding will resonate and create an instant connection with your target market. Your Web Design will assert a professional, quality, credible and trustworthy brand so customers want to buy from you. Your SEO will bring a regular consistent flow of customers to your website. Your Content and Video will sell your product or service.


MJS Website Footer Logo

That’s not all… to make the whole process a lot easier for you we have partnered with an Independent Online Startup Business Consultancy. Your adviser will offer advice and assistance when you need it. This service is not limited to your web development either, your business advisor will provide advice on all things related to your online startup business and business growth.

Give your business the best chance of success, contact us for to discuss what packages would be best for you.


We are confident in our service, therefore with every project we are able to offer a 100% money back guarantee, this means that if you are unhappy with the service you are receiving at any point throughout the design phase of your project you are welcome to request a full refund


Are you looking to have an online catalog where customers can make purchases direct from your website store?

Our Ecommerce packages include robust, reliable and easy to manage Content Management Systems (CMS) to efficiently maintain your inventory. There is no limit of the amount of products that can be added and we will tailor all our designs to your specification and product type.

Use the contact form here to message us with your requirements and we will arrange a free 30 minute consultation.


  • "I would definitely recommend working with Marc James Studios. They worked very hard and were committed to making our site a success.  We've had a lot of interest in our new website and numbers have continued to rise on our holiday clubs with more people seeing the site. The hire page has also been very important in bringing in business for our speed cage and bubble football. We're very pleased with the new website. You guys have done an amazing job."

    Shaun Laverick NEFA
  • "We had no reservations at all about hiring Marc James Studios as they came highly recommended from a friend. Our website is now visually much improved as well as being much easier to use.  It looks clean, professional and totally appropriate for it's purpose. Editing and making changes is also much quicker and very user friendly.  The new website will be beneficial in terms of communicating the right message to our potential customers. We would absolutely recommend them. Their can do attitude and attention to detail was awesome!"

    Steve Bailey Last Anthem
  • The best experience I have had with a website design agency. Having required website builds in the past, Michael and Daniel's personal care at Marc James is something that I did not expect. We were able to contact them at any time with any questions and updates and they were always available with information and what to expect. It was so reassuring which says a lot for previous agencies we have worked with! We are really happy with the unique experience of the website and functionality is exactly what we were looking for. Marc James Studios will be our first port of call for our future projects.

    Ed Chen BeBig Magazine

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